Averaging 20 Years of Engineering Experience

York Metal Products has a diverse team of experienced engineers, technologists and skilled trades trained in multiple facets of engineering. Each is qualified in up to five different engineering and design disciplines and will proactively work with you to solve your engineering problems.

Cutting Edge CAD

We use the latest CAD software, including AutoCAD Inventor. Our team can receive your data files in most formats (.STEP, .DXF, .DWG, .IGES), and work with you and your product to develop and perfect your designs and processes. We can also accurately project your product in a simulated 3D environment.

Transformer Components

Reverse Engineering

We can take your existing designs or products and reverse engineer them and then modify or refine them to your specifications. By improving upon or replacing your current designs or products, we can help lower costs and enhance overall quality and performance.

Improving Processes

York Metal Products is able to take parts and assemblies made with other processes, such as stamping, casting or hydro forming and convert the processes using metal spinning and fabrication – often with lower costs, higher quality, better performance and quicker delivery times.

Unique Design Co-development

Working together, we can help you create a brand new design, product or process. York Metal Products’ unique design co-development program has resulted in many exciting new products that have delivered immediate high profit solutions for numerous customers.

Value Engineering

York Metal Products can help evaluate the ultimate purpose of your products, or components within your products. This could result in the development of alternate designs that serve the exact same purpose, but at a fraction of the cost and often with a higher quality output.