Social Responsibility

Business Excellence Policy

York Metal Products recognizes that quality, health, safety, ethics and environmental management are an integral part of our management function. We view these as our primary responsibilities, including:

  • A strong sense of shared values and ethical responsibility in the workplace and amongst the team;
  • A dedicated and diverse Health and Safety committee that strives to ensure a safe work environment for employees, visitors and vendors;
  • A sense of corporate responsibility towards the local community and environment;
  • A shared commitment amongst the team to investing time and resources on both employee and community involvement; and
  • High ethical standards towards employees, customers and our community.

Charitable Involvement

Each year York Metal Products contributes to a variety of causes and charities, including:

  • Volunteering at and supporting local organizations such as the Terry Fox Foundation’s annual run and Princess Margaret’s OneWalk to Conquer Cancer
  • Annually supporting local youth sports teams
  • Local food and toy drives