Why York Metal Products

York Metal Products is an advanced manufacturer specializes in new product and process development. We simplify even the most complex metal fabrication assemblies through our unique combination of high-tech equipment, an expert team and a start-to-finish value-based approach.

Our diverse team of experienced engineers, technologists and skilled trades are trained in multiple facets of engineering. Each is qualified in up to five different engineering and design disciplines and will proactively work with you to solve your engineering problems.


ISO 9001 Quality System

York Metal Products is certified by a third party for quality systems. With ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certifications, our systems are designed to continuously improve quality and reliability.

Research & Development

We work closely with our customers to create new processes and designs that lower cost, while maintaining product quality and integrity. Every project is reviewed with our customers, so we can live and breathe customer challenges and eliminate quality issues.

Selection of Processes

Our selection of processes is unique. We offer a combination of CNC Tube Rolling with Laser Welding, 3D End-forming, CNC Fabrication, Multi Axis Lasers, CNC Metal Spinning and Engineering, which can reduce the number of manufacturing operations and processes by up to 80% and cut overall lead times by as much as 50%.

Custom Orders

Whether you need to outsource a small order of parts or a production run of 30,000+, we will help you find the best way to do it. Our ISO 9001 manufacturing operation is streamlined for quick setup times, cost effective production with the highest quality output, all performed by our team of highly trained operators.

Full Service – EDI – Cross Border Shipping

We can handle all your shipping issues or help you get the best price and delivery. We work with all carriers and handle cross border shipments, electronic data interchange (EDI) of shipping and transportation documents,  drop shipping or anything you need to get your parts moved from our plant to anywhere on the planet.